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Acting - stage and screen

Anna Gutto worked professionally in her native Norway as well as in New York - on stage and on screen.  With a special edge with Henrik Ibsen and other Norwegian playwrights such as Jon Fosse, Anna has also starred as Lady Anne in William Shakespeare's Richard III.  Her stage debut was her portrayal of the innocent Solveig in Stein Winge's production of Ibsen's Peer Gynt and she later went on to star as Rebecca West in Rosmersholm.  Her career in New York involves numerous US premieres, among them Jon Fosse's NIGHT SINGS ITS SONGS for which The New York Times gave the shout out "...a cast of five who is universally excellent!"  


Among her adventures in film acting, she had fun running sassy dialogue with Peter Stormare in GONE WITH THE WOMAN, directed by Academy Award-nominated director Petter Næss.  

Her experience as an actor and her work in the theater

imbues her work as a director with great love and respect

for actors and their craft.



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